Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So very nice to meet you, Mr. Chagall

I haven't posted in ages. I've been up to all sorts, some of which I'll write about at some point.

I recently made the wise decision to visit the AGO for the Marc Chagall showing. I'd never even heard of Chagall, to be honest, and I absolutely love his work. His paintings have such a lush feeling about them. He uses colour incredibly well and they all seem to have originated in the dreams of the most imaginative dreamer.

In particular, I am enthralled with this painting, and I've gone to see it 4 times now:

This is called Double Portrait with Wine Glass. This image doesn't do it justice. Chagall painted this in 1918 as an homage to his marriage. 

There are some interesting things to note about this painting: 
  1. This is the first painting in which a Jewish husband is depicted on the shoulders of his wife. Critics consider this pose to be either a reference to the Jewish wedding custom of the bride and groom being carried, or it is a reference to how Chagall considered his wife to be his foundation. 
  2. Bella Rosenfeld is apparently sporting purple stockings under her wedding dress, which is just plain cool. 
  3. Above the couple, there is an angel, which is thought to be a reference to the couples' daughter.
I'd write more,  but I need to go have another look at this painting at the AGO...

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