Friday, June 3, 2011

Oprahfication - 16 things I'm going to stop doing

  1. I will not magnify negative details, pull them out of context, or filter out the positive aspects of a situation.
  2. I will not perceive everything in extremes. 
  3. I will not to come to general conclusions about people or situations based on one or few pieces of evidence. 
  4. I will not imagine to know how others feel about me or whatever is happening.
  5. I will not expect disaster or focus on the "what ifs" of a situation. 
  6. I will not question my own worth by assuming that things people do and say are a reaction to me, and I will not compare myself to others. 
  7. I will not assume responsibility for the pain and happiness of everyone around me
  8. I will not imagine that everyone has the concept of "fairness" as I do. 
  9. I will not blame myself for every problem around me or think that I can change it. 
  10. I will not think that I do not have a right to assert my needs, say no, or go elsewhere for what I want. 
  11. I will not keep a list of rules about how myself and others should act all the time. 
  12. I will not believe that whatever negative thing I feel about myself is true. 
  13. I will not depend on others for my hopes and happiness. 
  14. I will not label myself. 
  15. I will not assume that being correct is more important than being caring. 
  16. I will not expect that whatever self-sacrifices and self-denials that I choose to make will pay off. 

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