Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wonders - March #2

Well, I've had a busy week and several migraines, so I didn't have a chance to read or watch much, and I didn't get out at all. Still, here a few things that I came across this week that you might find interesting.

It was International Women's Day this past Tuesday. If you're wondering why we need still need this day, check out this great piece from Shameless Magazine which explains it all. If you're in Toronto, the rally and march are tomorrow. See for more info.

I listen to This American Life just about every week, and they are all great, but every once in awhile something very interesting pops out at me. I listened to Oh You Shouldn't Have earlier in the week, and enjoyed it greatly. In the first part of the show, there is a segment on This Is Your Life, and I never once considered that the people who were featured on that show might not have wanted to be there. A couple of old segments are discussed in this podcast, and I was amazed to learn that an airing of This Is Your Life was actually the first time a holocaust survivor's story was ever televised.

If you've ever had the experience of being sucked in to someone's drama online, whether you did or didn't know the person, this article will speak to you. It will also speak to you if you've ever watched a loved one get sucked in, because chances are, the person doing the pulling pulled your loved one away from you and your life together. I think this whole concept of people enjoying the emotional response they can elicit from people online (including via text and messaging) is worth exploring, not just in the context of faked illness. I myself have been pulled into other kinds of drama, by people I know, online. I also think the people who believe online communication is less personal than real life communication are mistaken.

Sick note: Faking illness online | M√ľnchausen by internet | Life and style | The Guardian

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