Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Wonders - March #1

We had the great pleasure of listening to The Moth podcast this week, which featured Jeff Simmerson telling the hilarious story A Giant Lizard Ate My Pants. Jeff's blog is equally fun, so check it out. There's a link to the podcast in the menu on the right. 

Have you ever wondered about the bands who played for the likes of Marvin Gaye or The Supremes? Lend your ear to the music itself, and it's amazing work. Well, it turns out, a little known band of highly talented musicians who called themselves The Funk Brothers were the backbone of many Motown greats. We came across their documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown the other night, and I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in the history of great music. There are fantastic performances with Joan Osborne, Chaka Khan and Ben Harper. You can read more about The Funk Brothers, and order a copy of the DVD on the web site.

Jack Goes Boating is a major hidden gem. It does not have a high rating on IMDB, but the ability of the majority of IMDB voters to judge independent cinema is questionable. As one of two of Philip Seymour Hoffman's directorial efforts, this film highlights his talent beautifully. He always excels in playing believable characters himself, and in this movie, he excels in mentoring other actors to do the same. 

Spring is coming, and spring is when my thoughts turn to decorating. I just love this house. When we moved into our current home, I chose a warm colour scheme, and I totally regret it, because, at the time, I did not gather that the living room (where we spend most of our time) gets very little natural light, so warm, in this case, means dark. So I love how this home's palette is comprised of cool colours. A few of other loves:

1. I haven't yet figured out how to pair clean, modern lines with shapelier furniture. I love how she's placed simple Ikea-esque pieces so well with others that they have warmth.

2. I have been contemplating painting a few furniture pieces, so I love those green and yellow pieces.

3. It has never occurred to me to put two small carpets together to make a larger one. What a great idea.

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