Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rearview Mirror - 2010

2010, also known by many as Year of Crap. I actually had a pretty good, and productive year, punctuated by a few sad events.

The ups
  1. Put myself back in a classroom, after many years, and it was wonderful. 
  2. Started volunteering as a tutor to newcomer kids at the library, and they continue to amaze and entertain me. 
  3. Got our darling Mister, and have thoroughly enjoyed having a kitten again. 
  4. Did not touch a significant investment for an entire year. 
  5. Saw more of our families. 
  6. Had my family, including my father, who hates pets, over for dinner.
  7. Refinished our damn stairs, which changed our lives.
  8. Convinced Sweetie that she will not be dog-napped from the backyard.
  9. Ran into an old friend, discovering that she has lived around the corner for years. 
  10. Took a break from having a cleaner, did it myself, and greatly improved our finances as a result. 
  11. Following various arguments with various doctors, I was finally diagnosed with a health issue, for which I am now medicated, and feeling better than I have in years. 
  12. Had the wonderful experience of having a visit from an online friend, who turned out to be just as amazing in person.
  13. Had a long overdue talk about family history with my uncle.
  14. Met up with a childhood friend, and was delighted to find that we still laugh like kids, at the same things we did then.
The downs, with some ups

Now, I can't close 2010 without documenting a few sad events.
  1. G20 - you were nuts, you hit us out of nowhere, and you forever changed how we feel about our city and our country, for the worse. On the upside, we're all a little more aware of how much we value our freedoms.
  2. Rob Ford - we saw you coming, Mr. Mayor, but it still felt like a punch in the stomach when the Greater Toronto Area seemed to give everyone who actually lives in Toronto the finger by voting you in. On the upside, we're all a little more aware of how much we value our lifestyle.
  3. I lost a great boss, and a couple of other fun people at work. I also had to leave the best workspace I've ever had. On the upside, I am starting to think about the future of my career.
  4. We lost our beloved yard for the entire summer, and it felt like such a ripoff. On the upside, I think we got out more.
  5. Finally, and most sadly, we lost grama. Since that night, I have realized there were a lot of conversations we should have had, and things I should have asked her to teach me to do, like knit.
So, there we have it, a year in 15 points. Let's see what my 2011 list will look like...

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  1. I made the list! Woohoo! thanks sweetie darling.