Friday, December 31, 2010

Hockey Night In Canada - Project #10 - Icing on the cake

Before today, I spent about 20 minutes a day looking for jewelery and makeup. 20 minutes a day amounts to 5 days a year. 5 days a year! Wasted. But no more! Because yesterday, I spent about 5 hours sorting myself out.

There are two main projects here: a makeup organizer, and a jewelery organizer. These were both simple projects, and most of my time was actually spent sorting through my things. I threw out almost a whole garbage bag of old makeup, skin and haircare products, and put together a small bag of costume jewelery to take to Goodwill.

Jewelery organizer
This is made from a crappy old bulletin board that has been kicking around since we were kids. I was inspired by this. I spray painted the frame white first, and then I used spray adhesive to mount the fabric. I used one fat quarter from a pile of Amy Butler fat quarters that I bought a couple of years ago from I foolishly sprayed a coat of adhesive on top of the fabric, thinking it would stick on better, and it did, however, it remained tacky when it was dry, and I could imagine all the pet hair and dust that would get stuck to it over time. So, I stuck on a piece of clear contact paper to make it smooth. Next, I screwed in a whole package of assorted hooks that I got from the dollar store, and hung my jewelery.

Makeup organizer
I have had these Mackis storage drawers from Ikea kicking around for a long time. I have even had my makeup in them, but it was just all thrown in, and I hadn't decorated it at all. Then I saw this on Ikea Hacker. I painted each drawer a different colour, and organized my makeup by type in each drawer. I actually used a Sharpie marker to draw on the vine, and label the drawers. Yes, I wrote my labels in French, because I think things sound nicer in French.
 Et voila! I have everything I need to get ready in one place.

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  1. Neato. I pictured you having about four times that much jewelry. Where is that hidden? ha