Friday, March 19, 2010

Freaky Friday - "Obviously, you've never been a secretary."

You know, I go on about my business from week to week and then suddenly, it happens. It's not always on a Friday, but I just love that movie. I mean the original, with Jodie Foster as her androgynous little self. But I digress...

I walked out the front door this morning and there was a wino sleeping on the stoop across the street. Nothing unusual about that. But then the guy yelled "DID YOU FORGET YOUR WEDDING RING? YOUR HUSBAND WILL THINK YOU HAVING AN AFFAIR!" He didn't open his eyes so I'm not sure he was even talking to me, but you know what? I DID forget my wedding ring! I went back in the house to put it on, because, frankly, we have no shortage of misunderstandings in this house ("I thought you said hot dog buns?" "No, I said hot CROSS buns, but only if they are really fresh, and if they are stale, I want raisin bread, but only if it has cinnamon." You can figure out who is who is this scenario yourself.)

My work day was pretty uneventful, which I enjoy, because that means I get a lot of work done. When I left the office, I saw that first, blue-lipped, overly optimistic girl wearing shorts, with a sweater and rain boots. If any outfit says "hi, I live in Canada, where we can experience all 4 seasons in a single afternoon," it's an outfit like that.

Anyway, as I crossed the street, I saw a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk on the other side of the street, so I got a Loonie* out of my pocket to give him. As I approached he said "oh you look real nice, you must have some kind of nice job, like a secretary or something." I said "well, obviously you have never been a secretary, because it's not always nice." And he started laughing. A man came up behind me and gave the homeless guy some change, and he said "you ever been a secretary, man? It's not that great!" And the man said "ok..." and kept walking.

So that's that, another Freaky Friday. Or is it? It's only 4:30...

*Two notes on that point:

1. For my international audience, a Loonie is $1. Ha! My international audience...I kill me.
2. We keep a can of change at home for the express purpose of giving it to street folks. We feel that it is part of living downtown. There are a lot of people scattered around who are down on their luck. Is $1 going to change my life? Not unless I win the lottery with it! But it might make someone's day a little easier. And no, I don't care if they are saving change to buy drugs or alcohol. Whatever gets you through a night on the street, you know?

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