Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to make a giant storage bag from grocery store recyclable bags

If you're like us, you buy more of those recyclable bags from grocery stores than you actually need, and have amassed an impressive collection of them. This idea came to me when I was figuring out how to store a Christmas tree we were given. Last year, it lived in a giant TV box that took up most of the floor space in our storage room. I wanted something that would take up less space and be easier to carry. Thus, the giant storage bag was born! I plan on making a couple more of these to hold other bulky items that need to be stored, like off-season clothes and bedding.

Time required: 2 hours
Level of difficulty: easy

You will need:

6 large recyclable shopping bags that are close to the same size
Sewing machine
Thread - this is a good time to use a spool that you don't need/like/want

To do:

1. Cut down one side seam and cut the bottoms off of all the bags. Leave the handles on two bags, and cut the handles off all the other bags*. You will end up with big rectangles that look like this:

2. Thread your machine and set the stitch width to a wide stitch. Take the two bags with the handles still attached and sew them together along one side.

3. Take two of the other bags and sew them together along one side. Repeat for the last set of two bags. You will now have three big rectangles, made of two bags each. The one with the handles is the top of the bag.

4. Sew the big rectangles together along one long edge of each bag. You will then have one big rectangle that looks like this:

5. Fold your big rectangle in half and sew the front and back together along the two remaining edges. You will have a big bag that looks like this:

And here it is, neatly holding our Christmas tree:

Yes, that's a cat butt in the bottom right hand corner.

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