Friday, November 13, 2009

Freaky Friday - One Liners

Every Friday, I'm going to post a round-up of all the odd things that people say and do in my vicinity that week.
  1. Guy on the street talking to his buddy: "I can only drop my pants for so many women."
  2. Guy in the park, to me: "I say no to drugs, but they don't listen."
  3. Guy on Twitter: "OMG! Kayne West just burst into our kitchen and blew out the candles on my daughter's cake while we were singing happy birthday to her!"
  4. Woman on streetcar, to no one in particular: "Those people are high! On drugs!"
  5. Woman to her toddler: "You're short, and your mother dresses you funny."
  6. Little kid, to my dog: "Quack! Quack!"
"That's all folks!", said the pig in the top hat. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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