Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas wreath

I borrowed Eddie Ross' idea for a Christmas wreath:

And made this:

I did a few things differently:

1. I purchased all the ornaments because I wanted them to be the same size and colour. Now that I am finished the project I can see that I might like it more if the ornaments were different sizes.

2. My ornaments are actually plastic. I thought this would be better, given that the wreath is hanging on the front door.

3. I used very small ornaments and there are 118 of them on this wreath. It is smaller than I would have liked, and can now see the value in using bigger ornaments.

2. I had to cut the coat hanger near the top, below the hook. The problem was that I could not get the metal straightened enough for the hook part of the ornament to slip past.

4. Due to cutting off the hook, I made two hooks on either end of the wire and hooked them together to keep the wreath closed.


  • Try to shape your circle as much as possible before putting on the ornaments. I did not do this, and you can see that one side is misshaped.
  • When you first start putting the ornaments on it looks very strange. Just keep going, keep the hook part of the ornaments as close together as possible on the wire (mine are actually all touching) and they will shape themselves. It's pretty fancy!
Anyway, I'm happy with it overall and it's hanging on our front door now.

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