Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Don't be afraid of blouses!"

I stopped in a major department store downtown to shop for some fall basics. As I was approaching the women's wear department I heard an incredibly enthusiastic announcer saying something like this:

Welcome ladies! This afternoon we're going to take a look at mixing pieces you already have in your closet with a few new investment pieces. So join us in the centre aisle in a few moments and we'll get started!

As I approached I saw the announcer. He was decked out in a slim-fitting, light grey suit and had bleached blonde hair. He was just a little wisp of a thing but wow, did he have some energy. He was practically bouncing as he spoke.

I went off and looked at sweaters. I could hear the host with the most chattering on about the importance of feminine details and vests this fall. He wrapped it up and headed into the clothing racks, with a gaggle of ladies behind him, and he proceeded to help them pick things out. I started to head to the dressing room and that's when he spotted me, and yelled:

"Don't be afraid of blouses!"

He took a few steps towards me and I said "I'm not afraid of blouses..." He replied, "I don't see a single blouse in your hand and you need to consider a couple of great blouses for fall! You can take them right from the office and off for a special occasion with friends!" I said "oh...ok...thanks." I don't think I have that many special occasions with friends that require wearing a blouse, but needless to say, I went and picked out a couple of blouses, because at that point, it didn't seem like I had a choice!

I found a couple, and made my way back to the dressing room where Mr. Fashion Angel was waiting outside the door to judge outfits that women were trying on. He said "do you want me to wait to see your blouses? I'm waiting for these other ladies." I answered, "no, it's ok, but thanks." And I hurried in to lock myself into the dressing room.

While he may have been over-bearing, this man sure knows what he's doing. I bet I'm not the only woman with two new blouses hanging in her closet!

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