Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Altered book project intro

I came across the idea of Altered books when I stumbled on to I was immediately intrigued and loved the idea of working on a book with others.

If you don't know what an Altered book is, check out the Wikipedia definition.

I've started a "round robin" with 5 other people. This means we are all going to work on beautifying the same book with our artwork. We will each work on our own pages, and then mail the book to the next person for them to work.

I selected an old university chemistry textbook that was bought used 10 years ago. It had pages missing at that time, and the cover had seen better days. Since I finished that course, it has been lying around in my parents' damp basement. If I don't do something with it, it will end up going into the recycling bin, or sit there for who knows how long.

I started by removing nearly half of the pages. I did this on the advice I read on The artist raised an important point about the artwork increasing the bulk of the book to the point where at least the book will not lie flat, and at worst, it may fall apart. I removed the pages using an Xacto knife, leaving about 1 cm of the page along the spine. I am working on a solution for hiding these little bits of pages.

I have an idea of what I am going to do for a couple of my pages. I am determined to use materials I have on hand already. I may have to purchase a thing or two though!

So far I have created an interesting background on part of two pages. I haven't seen this technique anywhere online, I just thought of it myself. I will put the technique into a separate post shortly.

Thanks for reading, and stop back over the next while for updates on our project.

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