Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Purple reign

This story is better told in person, with actions. I can't possibly do this young man's persona justice in words, but I will do my best.

I was walking down Queen St. to go meet my husband and friends for drinks on a Friday night, and I decided to stop into one of the many fabric stores along the way. This particular shop specializes in ribbons and trims, and I've had it in mind to put some trim along our bedroom drapes.

Anyway, I went into the store and right away a voice calls from the back:

"Thank GOD you are here! Can you please help me?"

I walked a few steps toward the back and there was this lovely, lovely young black man, thin as a rail, poker-straight hair to his shoulders, fully made up, tiny red shorts, green crop-top.

I said "me?" and he said "YES! These women are not taking me seriously!" and he gestured to two annoyed-looking Asian ladies.

I said "well...I'll try."

So, he holds one of these in pink up to his face and and says: "well, which is it? The pink?" And then he pulls out a silver one says "or is pink too much and should I go with silver? Which one looks more natural?"

I wasn't sure how to answer this question at first and then I said "well, what colour is your outfit?" and he said "purple," so I said "well then you need a purple one."

And he said "thank GOD you came in here today, you have saved my life!"

I looked around the store, but of course I only liked the $26.99 a metre trim, and I have no plans to spend that much on drapes that only the two of us really see. When I left the store my friend had the two ladies sorting through boxes, looking for a purple one.

I told my husband this story later that night and he said, "let me guess, he's your new best friend?"

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